Anonymous: thank you for sharing your story! i've been struggling with weight loss/body image issues for literally my entire life, and often times i just think, "this will neverrrr happen for me, it would be too good to be true & I'm stuck with my body forever" but your blog is awesome and inspiring :) 

I thought the same way honey. I always thought that “maybe that was never so post to be me” “Wasn’t made to look like that” I had all the same thoughts a fears. I still struggle with all those things but I just think to myself that Time is going to go by whether I do something about it or notOne day you’ll looks back and be amazed at how much you’ve accomplished. I’m so glade you find this blog inspiring, that’s what I truly wanted when I made this blog.

If you have any questions or need to rant please feel free to leave me an ask <3 

Anonymous: Just saw your progress photo floating around on tumblr and found your blog, which is lovely by the way. Also congrats on all the progress you have made! You have very similar stats to my own and I find it so motivational when I find people who've come so far. Just curious, how much weigh have you lost all together since the start of your journey? And what is your diet like? 

Well thank you so much! it truly means a lot <3 I love to come across people that share my start and I love motivating others.

I honestly stopped keeping track of my weight loss given I have in the passed struggled with becoming obsessed over the numbers. Up until January 2013 I have lost 60 pound since the start of my journey (give or take a few with muscles growth) I go by what I see in the mirror, no one sees your numbers but you.

My diet, I try and stuck to real foods, basically like eating clean but I give myself more freedom. I stick to eating healthy 5 days a week and give myself less bounders on the weekend (no gilt) As much as I enjoy eating healthy, lets be honest we all get bored of eating the same things.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have! I enjoy answering them <3 

Anonymous: how did you manage this weight loss? are u following a specific scedule? really proud of u btw👍 

Thank you so much <3 During the winter months I run 2-3 times a week (weather permitting of course) and try to use our elliptical trainer every other day.Come spring/summer/fall I run 4 times a week and bike almost everyday. I try and do squats and lunges ever other day as well.

Diet wise, I stick to eating real foods when I can (kinda like eating clean) I eat healthy Monday-Friday and on the weeks I eat more freely with less bounders.